Exploring Dunedin

It's been just over a month since relocating to Dunedin. I couldn't be more thrilled. I'm so taken with Dunedin that I've barely gone beyond this village and Honeymoon Island State Park, but I will and I'll post photos here of my adventures every step of the way.

I wandered out to North Point Hog Island on Honeymoon Island early one morning for the first time since arriving. I've wandered there before but not since I've been a Dunedin resident. Pelican Cove took my breath away and I live close enough to visit every day. 

Osprey, bald eagles, and other shore birds abound. Honeymoon Island boasts several nature trails, bird observation areas, virgin pine slash forest, beaches, and scenes that will astound.

And it's mating season! I was fortunate enough to capture this osprey's courtship dance. The male engages in glorious dives and ascensions near the nesting site to impress the female. Often, he will carry a fish in his talons. This osprey had a fish! His sky-dancing certainly impressed me. The female osprey perched in a nearby tree watching nonchalantly. 

This little sandpiper catches a yummy crustacean from the beautiful gulf waters.

Raccoons love Honeymoon Island, too! I wonder what interests them about this old tree root at the water's edge.

The same afternoon brought heavy fog to Dunedin and the scenes became hauntingly beautiful. Everything seemed to slow to a contemplative state, reminding me to breathe and center myself.

Dolphins appeared during the fog, swimming just outside the Dunedin city-owned marina.

There was no visible sunset in the thick of the fog but the next evening promised to bring a glorious end to the day. Here are the whisperings of the sun beginning it's descent, blushing the horizon.

And then the finale. The sun always rises and sets despite the fog, storms, or whatever may be going on in the world. It's good to pause a moment to remember that in a world that often seems to be going mad, we can breathe with the rhythm of the earth every moment and return to ourselves. As I say in my artist's statement, nature gently leads us back to attention, connection, and a sense of place where restoration and inspiration can arise. May it be so for you today.

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