Something about that Salt

I grew up spending summers in Charleston, SC and Edisto River. I suppose it was then that I fell in love with the salt. Long hours in and on the water. Coastal breezes caressing my face. Sun toasting my skin golden brown. A slower pace, offering breath and awareness. My love of nature ever ensconced in my soul.  I've lived in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virgina, Vermont, and Pennsylvania but never on the coast. Until now. I feel as though I've come back to a familiar and comforting place. The little village of Dunedin has stolen my heart.

There is something about breathing the salt air every day and each evening. Something about the descending sun reflecting gulf waters.

Palm trees that thrive in gently blowing or torrentially roaring coastal winds. 

There is something soul-soothing about the brackish streams crisscrossing their way to the ocean. 

And backstreet roads in quaint oceanside villages.

There is something amusing and inspiring about quirky neighbors who express their individuality.

Flowers that bloom year round.

And ocean waves lapping against sanded shores.

There is something about sitting under the comforting canopy of a live oak that sways in salted winds. Nature brings me back to center. Salt has the power to heal. 

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