Welcome to Dunedin

Three weeks ago, I arrived in Dunedin, Fl with my little family. I do believe I've landed in paradise. That's saying a great deal coming from the progressive village of Serenbe. I wanted big water and a larger community and Dunedin won my heart. I'm thrilled to be here and look forward to getting to know the folks and the area better.

Dunedin is a delightful little village. I felt a sense of peace, charm, and quaintness the first time I visited. It stole my heart the second time I visited. The third time was for keeps. 

The Dunedin Downtown Market is open Fridays and Saturdays from November until June each year. The vendors are wonderful and diverse. The feeling is one of connection and belonging. The offerings are top-notch. 

Upon arrival, I bought a three wheel bike so I'd be able to carry Pedro in the back basket and my photography equipment in the front basket that you see Yanni installing. Dunedin Cyclery receives 5 stars from me for excellent service, going above and beyond, and for their friendliness right from the start.

Within a day, we discovered a gem of a place practically in the middle of Dunedin. Hammock Park is nearly 100 acres of pristine nature inhabited by various forms of wildlife and plant life. It has five miles of nature trails, three picnic shelters, an observation platform, restrooms, and a playground area. 

Hammock Park is listed in the Great Florida Birding Trail Book. I see an egret every time I'm there and many other birds. It is a paradise. 

The park is decidedly dog-friendly. Look at these precious babies! Pedro loves our walks here.

Honeymoon Island State Park is moments away from the epicenter of Dunedin. The island features beautiful beaches, Gulf of Mexico waters, wonderful nature trails, and a perfect dog beach for Pedro. Just look at this sunset!  

It's been a busy few weeks moving, settling, and recovering, but I could not be happier with my choice to move to Dunedin. I look forward to getting involved and discovering many more amazing scenes. I hope you'll be a part of my journey by subscribing to this photo-blog.

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