Expand Your Wings

What if you could expand your wings and widen your perspective? What if you could see more possibility? What if you could trust the unfolding of your life? The birds of Dunedin give us a glimpse.

The Great Horned Owl. Wisdom and intuition. We are reminded to listen deeply to our own hearts. The truth can be found there. It can be difficult to see because of teachings that the heart is deceitful. It can take decades to unravel such damaging beliefs. Owl pierces our hearts with the truth of our goodness.

Pileated Woodpecker reminds us of opportunity, fully engaging in life, and following our own unique rhythms and flight.   

The rhythms and flight patterns are our own but they are not separate from all. We are interconnected. Peace is possible in connection.

Connection enables new heights, new patterns, new creations.

Connection enables the birthing of possibility and transformation.

In connection, we are safe to find our balance, to fall, to allow for the unfolding of our wings.

We can test our wings and our creativity. We can find beauty in all things. We can create beauty.

We can rest in the waters of restoration and healing.

We can take solace in the strong arms of the earth. She is our mother.

We can trust that all we need is available to us. Reflection, presence, and connection reveals all.

We can remember that the sun rises and sets everyday, despite the clouds or turbulence. 

We can reflect upon our capabilities and beauty. We can feel the strength and clarity of our hearts.

Be still. Bring your awareness to the present. Healing, hope, even transformation are possible in that place.

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