Fish to Water

I've never fallen in love with a place so quickly. I've taken to Dunedin like fish to water. I've lived in Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Vermont, and Pennsylvania, but Dunedin is my paradise. 

Being able to see dolphins time and again is reason enough to love the salty life.

These remarkable creatures intrigue me, touching something deep in my soul. Dolphins are amazing mammals with advanced cognition and are gentle souls. Here are mama and baby dolphin swimming 10 feet from our kayak off Honeymoon Island. What a treat! 

I spotted a manatee at Honeymoon Island on the dog beach the other day while swimming in the cove. The manatee was swimming 15 feet from us! Gentle giants. This photograph was taken at Crystal River, famous for the manatees that winter there and a quick hour and a half drive from Dunedin.

In addition to spotting dolphin and manatee at Honeymoon, one can spot wonderful families enjoying the natural beach. This gorgeous family just happens to be mine; niece, nephew-in-law, and their four precious boys. The seagull photo bomb is just the right addition to this image.

From Honeymoon Island, I can see Caladesi Island just a short ferry or kayak ride across the channel that opened up between the two islands in 1921 during a hurricane. The ibis fly high between the two islands in glorious formation. There is something fascinating about watching ibis fly, almost comical, always evoking a smile.

Just up the road from Dunedin is the quaint Greek village of Tarpon Springs. Worth visiting time and again. On this particular day, a group of us went paddleboarding. Todd, owner of Livin' Salty Paddle Sports, took us on an exciting excursion. He is a patient and fun teacher. I highly recommend him for your paddling needs.

Paddleboarding is a sublime experience being so close to the water, using balance and core to move through  water at my own pace, slowly, meditatively, communing with nature.

Early morning paddleboarding features gorgeous scenes of seagulls hunting in mangroves.

I imagine these anhingas are taking their first morning rest after fishing at sunrise. 

After every sunrise is a sunset and they don't get any better than right here in Dunedin. The charming Dunedin village is a wonderful place to live or to visit. Come on down, y'all! You'll be glad you did.

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