More on Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island. Two and half hours south of Dunedin. A getaway jewel. In my last post, I featured birds of the Island. In this post, I share other aspects of the island and a few more birds. I hope you enjoy and are inspired to get out into nature.

Ding Darling Refuge is beyond beautiful and I love this black and white perspective. A change in perspective can change everything.

Black and white photography lends a timeless quality. It's a raw, stripped away look at a scene with the potential to evoke powerful emotion.

This clouded horizon elicits a sense of grandeur and wonder. Sanibel Island provides scene after magnificent scene.

The beaches of Sanibel are pristine with jewel toned water and white sand. I love photographing the approach of a storm. I'm reminded of beauty even in the midst of the storms of life.

People come from around the world to hunt for shells on Sanibel. This young girl is investigating her latest find, oblivious to the approaching storm. The storm has not arrived. Nothing to worry about here and now. This beach, this shell, this moment is all there is.

This yellow crowned night heron was fun to watch. She put on quite a show for me.

I had never seen one launch from this close a vantage point.

Those long legs, yellow eyes, and focused concentration. It was a delight to watch her.

This egret may be exhibiting courtship behavior. Of course, the rookeries are full of breeding birds.

This adult pelican may have a meal for the adolescent. She is coming in for a comical yet beautiful landing with feet outstretched.

I love the green-blue eyes and orange bills of the cormorants, soaking up the sun. I'm reminded of the healing potential of nature. 

A reddish egret and roseate spoonbills grace these sparkling waters in Ding Darling Nature Refugee. A beautiful display of color.

A little blue heron stalks the banks of Ding Darling. 

And, finally, an alligator. It seems everyone wants to see an alligator when on vacation and this little guy wasn't the least bit shy.

I look forward to returning to Sanibel Island in the winter to see different birds and different moods of the island. Many treasures are yet to be discovered.

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