How Nature Thrives

Have you ever thought about how the animals, birds, trees, plants, and all of nature grow, survive, and even thrive? 

How is it that they simply know how to be, with little struggle or drama? Often times with a smile.

The rabbit wakes up each morning knowing exactly what to do for its survival. The rabbit simply knows. It survives by trusting its innate intelligence.

Just as the palm tree knows how to grow, how to bend in the storm, and how to bear fruit. 

Just as the osprey waits until its innate intelligence urges it to move, to eat, to fly, to mate.

As the sky is always there, always, so is the formless energy, or intelligence, behind all of life. It's what compels the bird to soar and an acorn to become an oak tree.

Just as the sky remains as the clouds come and go, so is the formless energy always present that compels all of life.  Some call the formless energy Mystery, God, Spirit, Intelligence, the Universe, Evolution, or Star-Stuff.

We, too, are part of nature, made of star stuff just like the rest of creation. Only when we get caught in the storm clouds of our thoughts, do we suffer.

When we settle down and relax our grip on our thoughts, those thoughts, like the clouds, will pass and we will once again see the ever present sky.  We remember our innate intelligence. We remember our innate well-being. We are already whole.

When we forget our true nature and begin to attach to our ever changing thoughts, we can feel alone, isolated, and confused. We suffer.

It only takes a moment to remember that the sun will always break through illuminating our well-being if only we allow our stressful thoughts to pass.

Yes, I know this can sound pie-in-the-sky but test it out for yourself. Notice where your thoughts are causing you to suffer. Take a close look, you will see it a thousand times over. Here's an example. Many years ago, I was struggling mightily. I was facing bankruptcy and foreclosure, among other even more stressful things. I can't count the hours, days, weeks, and months of worry. I suffered my worst fears in my imagination alone. The bankruptcy and foreclosure were actually no big deals. In fact, they propelled me into many wonderful adventures I would never have had. The worry, though, the obsessive thinking, shame, fear, and anxiety about the bankruptcy and foreclosure, almost did me in. I could tell this same story with a thousand different circumstances. My stressful thoughts about the circumstances caused my suffering, not the circumstances themselves.

When faced with challenging circumstances, I have a choice about which thoughts I entertain, feed, and believe. Thoughts are simply creative, formless energy that continually arise. I can choose which ones to take hold of and create with–stressful thoughts or helpful thoughts. The thoughts I choose will determine how I feel about whatever the circumstances may be. I could let stressful thoughts float away like the clouds. When I wait, allowing the thought-clouds to clear, then I can touch into my innate intelligence that knows how to deal with this or that circumstance.

As Einstein reminds us, “I think 99 times and find nothing. I stop thinking, swim in silence, and the truth comes to me.” Don't take my word for it (or Einsteins, for that matter) test it out in your own life. 

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