Is it Cloudy?

If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world.
— Sydney Banks

I don't know about you but there are times when I take myself far too seriously. I awake a particular morning in a low mood, let's say. 

Maybe an emotional storm has blown in, muddying the waters.

I start to feel wobbly and knobbly, lacking clarity and a feeling of well-being.

I begin to take those thoughts and feelings incredibly personally and seriously. After all, they seem so real!

The more seriously I take them, the more I buy into my low mood and, in my case, I may want to hide out, afraid to engage in life.

If, on the other hand,  I remember that I am always living in the feeling of my thinking, then I can wake up to my innate well-being, allowing for the muddy waters to clear. They always clear when I stop stirring them. Always. 

All that is required is that I take a small step back from my stressful thinking, opening to higher perspectives and to my innate well-being that is always present.

It may take a bit for the storm clouds to clear. There is no problem with that. They will clear if left alone. They will even clear if not left alone, though they will likely stay longer and perhaps grow stronger and more stressful until they clear.

Clouds come and go. Thinking comes and go and the feelings and moods with them. This is the nature of nature, including humans. And, always, always, innate well-being, clarity, and wisdom remain. 

Oftentimes, all that is needed is a little reflection, noticing that place in us that is now and always just fine. You've had glimpses of that place, haven't you? If you were to step back from your stressful thinking for a moment and breathe deeply, you might be able to feel it right now. 

In that quiet place, the flower of your true self resides, whether or not you recognize it or remember it. Thoughts and the feelings that arise from thoughts come and go. They always will. Your true self is always present and available despite your thoughts and feelings.

Now when I awake in a low mood, I'm more often able to let it be without analyzing it or worrying about it. As I take it less seriously, I find that it moves along a little more easily and quickly. The sun of my well-being arises again as it is never truly gone. My suffering diminishes, regardless of what is happening outside of me.

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