Do you feel stuck? Get back in touch with your creative flow. Learn how creativity can help heal, transform, and wake you up, whether or not you are an artist, to a more beautiful, compassionate, and caring experience of yourself and the world.  

  • Perhaps you are at a crossroads in your career, business, or health and need some guidance.
  • You may push yourself too hard but you don’t know how to slow down and enjoy your life.
  • You have difficulty overcoming that pesky critic on your shoulder that tends to bring you down.
  • You want to break through your creative blocks and go more deeply into your passion.
  • Your mind races or spins making it difficult to see your way clearly.
  • You have dreams and aspirations but can’t find the time or maybe the courage to follow them.
  • You sense the currents of change in the world at large, and you want to be responsive to those currents, perhaps even positively affect them.

Creativity as tool for transformation can be a fun and interesting way to tap into your interior world in order to find the blocks that keep you from reaching your personal growth goals. I want to show you how to get creative in solving those issues that seem to rear their heads repeatedly. As an artist and a certified master coach, I am uniquely qualified to guide you in this endeavor.

Whether or not you’re an artist, creativity can be a tool for making the changes in your life that are important to you. Creativity can help you slow down, let go, and live more fully in the present. I’ll show you how to use creativity as a springboard, whether that’s through photography, painting, writing, sculpting, singing, cooking, gardening, or any creative expression, to enhance your physical, mental, and emotional well-being, enabling you to reach your goals. Connecting with your creativity can enable you to more easily navigate the changes and difficulties in your life that can leave you feeling vulnerable and disconnected.

    Long before claiming myself an artist, I was a licensed psychotherapist. Years later, I became a master certified life coach and it was during that time that I began to recognize my creative capabilities. I had always been creative to a certain degree (we all are!) but I could barely recognize it in myself. It wasn’t until my late 40’s that I began to acknowledge and act on my creativity. Embracing my creativity has helped transform my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Let’s work together to help you embrace your creativity and find your way through your persistent blocks to a more joyful, fulfilling, and healthy way of living.

    Creativity is a path into these possibilities. 

    I offer a free initial session (Face to face, phone, Skype, or FaceTime), no obligation. I’ll give you some tips, support, and inspiration right away… whether or not we ever meet again.

    If we are a good fit and you want to work with me, then we will set up our first session.

    For subsequent sessions, I will work with you to create practices that will support you in achieving your goals. We will talk about how things are going and how to move through the stuck or challenging places. All this will take place in the container of creativity, nonjudgment, and safety. 

    If you are ready to make the changes you most desire, contact me to set up your free session.



    Certified Integral Master Coach™


    Certified Strategic Intervention Coach


    Licensed Professional Counselor 1990-2005


    National Certified Counselor 1990-2005


    Master of Education, Counseling 1990


    Bachelor of Arts, Sociology 1982

    Carla Royal,M.Ed.


    I spent 25 years studying, training, and working as a psychotherapist and transformational life coach before becoming a fine art photographer.  Through art and my training as therapist and coach, I help people come home to themselves, find their voice, access their full creative range, and give their gifts to the world.

    I take a multi-disciplined approach in my coaching with a background in psychotherapy, a master coaching certification, and using creativity as a tool for personal growth.  I am trained in Integral Coaching™ methods, human development, psychological knowledge, human needs psychology, systems theory, culture, and spirituality.

    When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.
    — Ansel Adams
    A tear contains an ocean. A photographer is aware of the tiny moments in a person’s life that reveal greater truths.
    — Anonymous
    When I photograph, what I’m really doing is seeking answers to things.
    — Wynn Bullock

    What People Are Saying

    • I have watched Carla Royal work and I highly recommend her as a coach. She is dedicated, compassionate, very creative and she can handle difficult challenges.  Cloe Madanes, author Relationship Breakthrough and cofounder of Family Therapy Institute of Washington DC
    • As well as being well trained and skilled, Carla is just full of life wisdom. She has a wonderful way of tuning in to the life narrative and heartbeat of individuals with whom she works. She’s a great listener and a gifted guide for centered living.  My family has benefited significantly from her insightful care. I recommend her highly!  Randy Q. Smith, Licensed Professional Counselor, Atlanta GA
    • Carla is wise beyond her years, and, with that wisdom, she hears beyond what merely conventional ears can hear – she hears your soul. She is a gentle teacher, and can challenge you to think (and act) beyond your fixed boundaries, beliefs, and limitations with such unconditional love and acceptance. As an intuitive and brilliant listener, she wraps you in loving kindness with such authenticity and intelligence that you are given great confidence that she is not only trustworthy, but helping guide you to be transformed into the person you were meant to be. I have experienced so much healing, less anxiety, less worry, developed more proactive behaviors, and for the first time in many years, have begun to feel a deeper sense of peace and direction… but moreover, a level of peace and working towards acceptance and permission with myself to find happiness again.  Hudson, Augusta, GA
    • Thank you for helping me to recognise the way back to my centre. I am grateful, and I’m smiling again.  Frances, London UK
    • Carla’s gentle yet powerful guidance has helped me break through to new levels of well-being.  My self-confidence is much higher; I have made permanent changes in the way I approach my physical health; my relationships with my husband and our three-year-old daughter are enhanced; and I feel excited and impassioned about my new vocation.  Carla’s wise and caring presence enables me to bring forth my most genuine, alive, compassionate self.  Jen H., Mother, Wife, Local Food Activist
    • I was drawn to Carla for her commitment to expand traditional psychotherapy to include the impacts of culture and faith on our well being.  I’ve been able to address and greatly improve my health, finances and relationships, and have re-ignited interests and energy that I thought had withered.  Specifically, I have paid off all my debts and keep my savings as local to my community as possible.  I work my body regularly with running, weights and yoga.  My boundaries in relationships have greatly improved and I find it more comfortable to say no when I need to.  Greg, Lending Analyst
    • The past couple years have been the hardest years of my life, with my husband leaving me.  At that time I could hardly take the next breath, much less the next step forward.  Anxiety had become a crippling factor in my life.  I was overwhelmed with fear and, as a result, highly reactive to the world around me.  My time with Carla was helpful in many ways; but the blessing I carry most of all from my time with her is how she helped me sit with my fears long enough so that I was able to respond to the world “outside” me and “within” me with greater strength and tenderness.  If you could see my life now, 6 months post divorce, you would not see “perfection”; but you would see that I have built something rather beautiful indeed.  Thank you Carla.  Cristy S.,  Seattle WA
    • I am someone who has done lots of personal growth work with individuals like Deepak Chopra and Marianne Williamson. Now, many months after first meeting Carla, I can say that my work with Carla has been the most powerful personal growth work that I have done. Through Carla’s ongoing support, guidance and wisdom, I am emerging as a woman I had not been in touch with before; She was always there, but well hidden amongst the corporate jobs and raising a family. My life flows at a simpler, peaceful pace compared to my old way of being and I now live with much greater grace and ease. I am very grateful for the opportunity to work with Carla. Julie N.  Minnesota
    • Carla has given me courage, inspired me when all appeared dark, reminded me of my own resourcefulness I so often forget, to look closer at the small things and discover the beauty all around me, that miracles do happen (and they can happen to me), and to not forget all the good and wonderful things that surround my life.  Lisa, Georgia
    • Carla, I remember running across your website several years ago and being drawn by your description of unconditional acceptance and how your work draws from both psychological knowledge and spiritual wisdom. My past experience with psychotherapy always fell short of engaging my spirit and wasn’t able to pull me past self-analysis to healing. What I sought and continue to seek is the joining of spirit and mind toward the opening and expansion of my heart. To remove all that obscures the fundamental light of life. It is an awkward journey at times and very personal. You have always been gracious and never directive with “shoulds”. You assist me on my path, rather than try to fit me into yours. I come from a past of many rules and absolutes, but you gently suggest options, and guide me back to the quest and uncertainty. You give permission to feel, dream and explore. This process has been refreshing, healing and never tiresome. I always look forward to our calls, as the space you provide is a rare gift. I think most of all, I appreciate that you seem to really see me, and you aren’t afraid. Always warmly,  G. E., Portland, Oregon
    • Carla is in touch with the human condition in a way that is seldom seen or experienced. Her ability to listen and reflect what she hears with minimal filtering is a gift all coaches should have.  Carla’s ability to reframe situations and scenarios to aid with perspective is keen and her compassion for her fellow human is only surpassed by her love for her family and friends. Carla is a natural coach, gifted with more qualities than can be said (or written) and simply requires experiencing time with her.  Bill B., HR Manager, NY
    • In Carla, you will find an unwavering commitment to supporting your growth and achieving the potential in your life. Her approach combines an extraordinary gifted intuition with integrity and skill to both support and challenge anyone seeking to move beyond their present circumstances and explore the possible. An already skilled counselor, with the addition of the integral coaching experience and practice, Carla is well prepared to be a Life Coach.  Bob Sisk, Transitions Consulting, Radford, VA
    • I met Carla while I was in college and was very confused and anxious about where my life was heading.  I was at a point where I was not able to make any life decisions and felt like I was hitting against the wall.  Carla skillfully managed to explore my confusion and inquire deeper into my own self.  At first I thought, I will ask questions and she would give me the answers and that was the end of my anxiety, but I soon found out that her job is not to give answers to my questions, but to guide me deeper into discovering my own wisdom.  I can truly say that Carla put me on the right track of discovering myself which has led me to discover my spiritual path and find my passion in life.   Sushant, Management Consultant, California
    • What was most surprising was the remarkable speed in which you seemed to grasp and really connect with my specific issue.  You did not spew the usual mantra of “let’s look at your childhood upbringing” to find where your problem lies–Instead, you offered reasoned, practical and up-right advice, which felt authentic and brilliant.  I’m deeply grateful for your healthy and supportive feedback.  But mostly, I’m thankful for the special warmth, kindness and genuine concern you showed for me, which was worth well more than what I could ever pay.  Thank you, again.  James L., Manager–Multimedia, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
    • I love how you hone right on in to the core of a thought or feeling.  You are so vividly attuned to things, it’s beautiful. You are an observer and a listener par excellence.  The impulse to fix may be deeply wired, but you take the time to notice that it’s there and think about other ways of being.  What a gift to everyone who comes into contact with you.  Jennifer, Massachusetts
    • You have me seeing things…really appreciating the little things…my ‘Carla Moment’.  Juli T., Interior Designer, California

    Integral Coaching® and Integral Master Coach™ is a registered trademark in Canada owned by Integral Coaching Canada Inc. and licensed to Carla Royal. “The word integral means comprehensive, inclusive, non-marginalizing, embracing. Integral approaches to any field attempt to be exactly that: to include as many perspectives, styles, and methodologies as possible within a coherent view of the topic. In a certain sense, integral approaches are “meta-paradigms,” or ways to draw together an already existing number of separate paradigms into an interrelated network of approaches that are mutually enriching.” – Ken Wilber